What do Evanescence and the Universe have in common?

A billion years ago* a group of 20-something year old friends sat on the steps of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre after a totally amazing Evanescence concert, comparing experiences and loving life and each other’s company. We had been there since mid-afternoon, lining up so we could be front and centre at showtime.

What we didn’t know was at the same time that we were sitting there in our post-concert high, Amy Lee was walking around the Convention and Exhibition Centre and ended up walking right towards where we were sitting. At first we couldn’t believe it – surely it’s not her. It can’t possibly be her. But wait…it actually IS her. OMG OMG OMG!!! We slowly walked down the stairs to meet her (painfully slowly though, like you would walk towards a wild animal that you didn’t want to frighten away). We spoke briefly (those awful nightmares about ‘’I love so-and-so soooo much, what would I even SAY if I ever met them?” are all true – the only other times I’ve been so terrified are my wedding day and the day of my drivers licence test), Amy graciously signed a couple of items for us and continued on her way.

I love music, and everything about it – the way it sounds, the way it looks, the meanings of life you can get from song lyrics, but mostly the way it makes me FEEL. I love a lot of music and bands and there are a handful of voices that I am particularly moved by. Amy Lee’s voice has always and will always hold an extra special place in my heart.

That night was the first time in my life I became aware of the existence of the intrinsic balance of the universe – good things happen, bad things happen, then another good thing happens and so on. Life is a perpetual balancing act – and if you’re lucky, your life will stay in virtual equilibrium and you’ll be predominantly happy for a good percentage of the time. Sure there’s a grey cloud here, a thunderstorm there, maybe some periods of fog or even intense rain, but eventually the sun will come back out, you will continue to shine and your life will go on. Your good, solid, stable, dependable life will return and balance will be restored.

I continue to thank the Universe for what it gave to me that night.

Tonight, there is another Evanescence concert at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Sadly I can’t be there (now that there’s kids and mortgages and a monthly pay cycle to take into account when contemplating purchasing concert tickets) but I will most definitely be there in spirit.

Thanks again, Universe. I am forever indebted to you.



(*Note: Not actually a billion years ago but it feels like that.)